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Obstacles and opportunities for christian faith in a post-christian europe – Ralf Bergmann

Prof. Dr. Ralf B. Bergmann · 

In a post-Christian Europe we face a twofold challenge of intellectual and emotional deception: The first creates a false alternative between a pseudo-scientific world view and the Christian faith while the second creates a false alternative between a so called progressive mind set opposed to an apparently suppressive, fearful and out dated Christianity. Even many Christians are emotionally and mentally immobilized by adopting secular world views while they try at the same time to argue the case for Christianity within the mental paths determined by these views. The challenge is therefore to understand the principals of the underlying dominant world view and overcome a misleading mindset as well as the corresponding emotional obstacles to confidently express a Christian world view. (Duration 45 min, given 19.5.2019 at the European Leadership Forum 2019 in Wisla, Poland.)